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A sincere appreciation and thanks! I'll also provide access to some of my notes and research for my next book. This would include relevant discoveries with scans or photos, but as I get more into the actual book production, it will include drafts of chapters or sections of the book itself. 
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Beginning at the $5/month level, I'll keep a running tab of how much each person has contributed overall. Once a patron has reached $25, I'll send him/her a signed copy of my first book, Comic Book Fanthropology. At this level, a patron would be eligible for the book after five months.
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This level will also have access to my research and notes, as outlined above. Plus, as soon as the first payment is processed, I'll send out a signed copy of my first book, Comic Book Fanthropology, straight away.




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About Sean Kleefeld

I think about comics a lot. I write about comics a lot. In order to do that, I need to read a lot of comics. Which I am so happy that I'm able to do! And while I borrow and buy as many as I can in order to do more and better thinking, and more and better writing, it seems that there's always more out there. 

But there are some resources I just don't have access to as things stand now. There are old comics and art that I can't afford, and don't look to be reproduced in any way any time soon. I'm not asking for people's help to cover my living expenses so I can focus on writing or anything so grandiose; I'd just like some assistance in trying to do more research. To be able to find out more about the medium of comics, and be able to share my findings with you.
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I've tried to keep ads on my site to a minimum, but they are there, annoying the heck out of everyone. Once we reach this goal, I'll remove all the ads from my site.
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