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You love us. We love you. You get something out of Skrift and that's so incredible to us. The reward for this tier is our undying love and a huge #h5yr! Thank you for giving back!
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For almost three years, Skrift has been an Umbraco community magazine, run by three of its members for the rest. Our goal is to share the wealth of coding knowledge, project inspiration, and lifestyle love that Umbracians have always shown to us.

Skrift offers articles on topics like how to make use of the Gridhow to make an amazing property editorturning coding frustration into arthow to avoid being a workaholic, plus so, so many more. Nothing that makes Skrift, or Umbraco, what it is could happen if not for you, and we are so poignantly aware of that every time one of you releases an amazing article or sends us a simple #h5yr over twitter.

This year, we want to take Skrift to a new level, and once again, we can't do it without you. Erica, Kyle, and Janae manage and maintain Skrift on their own time, out of their own pockets, with all the effort and joy that comes along with a project like this. So, we're asking for your help!

Every patronage given to Skrift goes back into the community. For now, we'd simply love to land even with our expenses. :) In the future, we have epic goals like paying our authors and being able to hire artists again. This future hinges on you.

To our authors - thank you for everything you've given us so far. You deserve to be paid for it, and we want to be able to. To the community - we love you, you give back to us so much more than we could ever give to you. To Umbraco - thank you for giving us a place to fit, to share, to explore, to inspire. Cheers!
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We can maintain our minimum costs and pay 2 authors a month a pittance for their articles at $50 each. They're worth more, but it's a start.
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