Gibson Sjobeck And Lance Crossen

is creating SCP Secret Labratory Fun!
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Get access to special features on the Olive Garden Inc. Discord server and more perks, including your own rank In Game!

Discord perks are, Custom emojis, Special discord role, access to Patreon only chat (the owners go on it a lot), Special Patreon only voice chats ( again owners are on it a lot lol), and can join staff only rounds on our server!

In game you get your own rank, whenever someone sees you it will say Patreon Supporter, and access to some admin commands like heal, and Bypass.

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About Gibson Sjobeck And Lance Crossen

Yo! Me, (Rudolf) and my friend Lance Crossen, (Balmung) Love SCP Secret Labratory and want to give back to the community with our own server, Olive Garden Inc! Feel free to mess around and have fun. If your support me on Patreon you get access to special features on our discord server and your very own In game rank! Supporting us helps keep our server up and everyone happy. Join now!

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