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About Team Skullscast

Who We Are & What We Do

We are medibot and Kaz, two skulls who occasionally have ideas. You probably found out about us through one of the videos we made while playing video games. We stream games we like (and sometimes, games we hate), and sometimes make full on elpees. We're featured in, we've posted our stuff in the SomethingAwful LP subforum, we've been streaming since the ustream days. Check out our youtube and stream pages listed in the sidebar to get an idea of what we're about.
We do other stuff, too! Sometimes we get ideas for poems, games, art projects, and even more indescribable plans. Most of that gets into the funtime index. We also have a podcast that consists of us jawing for an hour at a stretch.

Why You Should Support Us

Because you want to. No other reason makes sense. I might suggest some helper reasons like, because we're rad, because you want us to make more things like we've done before, because you want us to make more different things, or because your money is slowly poisoning your body and you really need to get rid of it.
We're gamers and casual jokers. Your support helps us keep our technical quality power level high and our laugh bladders full. The laugh bladder is right next to the tank, which is why it is impossible to laugh while drinking water. Please don't try that, though. Just take my word for it.


Support us if it feels right to support us in the act of creating the things we create. The solution to this riddle lies deep within your heart. The laws written by people do not apply here. No weapon nor magic will bring you closer to the answer. Only you can find it for yourself, by searching within yourself to find the place where your true feelings thrive.


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