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With this £1 you will be getting more youtube videos more often then i do. Also you will get your name at the beginnings of my Youtube videos. You will also join a group chat just for us Patreons. 




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About Skullzthewolf

Hi everyone!
I make Youtube videos fur furries!
If you are my Patreon you will receive much more videos then i normally do
i will apologist now if they get delayed as i have college and fursuit making
My youtube:
My fursuit business:

What am i about?
So I am Skullz the wolf, I make youtube videos on my fursuit, my fursuit was made by Mei Fursuits. I make videos weekly if I can. I am 19 years old. I have my own fursuit business and I also draw arts. I own so many animals and I have to look after them. I am taking level 3 animation that takes up a lot of time ha. But over all I am doing well.
I was a furry since i was about 10-11 years old. I found the videos on Youtube and ever since then I wanted to make a fursuit of my own. Ever since then I have now made my own fursuit business. My fursona Skullz has changed 4 times now. I will make a video on that.
I was inspired to make furry Youtube videos by Pocari Roo. I love her videos and always watch them so i thought, why not. When i get my own suit i will make videos. So thats what i did.
$0 of $500 per month
I would like to be able to make my Youtube videos better by buying a better mic and better camera. I will also be able to buy better Fursuit making supplies to make my business better.
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