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A thank you message, and sneak peaks of what I'm working on!
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A thank you message, access to sneak peaks, and an invite to a personal discord server where you can chat and on occassion request doodles!
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All the previous benefits, but doodles, on consultation, can become minimal tattoo designs for your use!
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If you're considering this, oh my goddess thank you!! This will give you all the previous benefits but instead of small minimal tattoos we can consult on a bigger piece! This requires a couple months of patron-hood however. 




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About Skye Bell

I'm a queer young artist trying to make art a living! I create tattoo art and am building a portfolio so that I can reach more people and maybe do this as a job! Thanks for checking out my page, and I look forward to sharing my art with you!
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When I reach $20 a month, I will create my first flash piece for you guys!
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