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  • Expanded Balance members gain a special role on the Discord. They'll be able to access the upcoming website ad-free, as well as many more as-of-yet unrevealed features! 
  • You will also receive exclusive updates about our projects in your patreon newsfeed. In addition to this, you will be added to the 'Patreon Supporters' role -- Which, puts you at the sidebar in the server.
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  • Extended Balance members gain a more special role on the Discord, as well as all of the Expanded Balance benefits. 
  • In addition, Extended Balance members will be given the opportunity to view new Balance guides and content ahead of time. Note that all work in progress is subject to change and does not reflect the final version.
  • Also the benefits received by Expanded Balance members (except for the Discord Role)
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  •  In addition to the benefits from Extended and Expanded Balance (including Extended Balance role in the Discord Server), Royal Roaded Balance members will get early access (beta) to any projects we end up writing for The Balance. i.e, DPS calculators, sims, etc. 
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About the Balance
The Balance Discord server was formed in February 2017. Focused on the discussion of the various complex classes in Final Fantasy XIV, it was originally formed by merging the various class discussion servers that existed beforehand. As there are few tools in-game to help players learn about playing optimally, various members of the community took it upon themselves to create a place to do so.
Starting with a few dozen members, the Balance has now grown exponentially to over thirty thousand members and counting. Today, the Balance is a place where all FFXIV players can join to learn about the game. Warriors of Light congregate from all areas of the game, including challengers of the hardest raids the game has to offer, to the crafters and gatherers who tirelessly play the marketboard to strike it rich, in order to discuss what they love about the game and help each other grow as players.
About this Patreon
Currently, we produce high quality content and guides that the entire community uses and loves. As we talk more with the community, we've become more aware of the problems and issues that the average Final Fantasy XIV player is plagued with, most notably a lack of accessible guides (both beginner and advanced!) and quality-of-life tools.
We're in the process of creating some of these tools, such as a gearset planner, DPS simulators, versatile non-combat guides, and much more content that the community sorely needs! However, there's a lot of costs associated with the production and upkeep of these tools. As of right now, there's not many costs associated with maintaining the Discord server, as those, obviously. Eventually, our goal is a site that any FFXIV player can go to in order to receive updates about the game, access tools that help them improve at the game, and overall improve their gaming experience. And you can help us realize our vision!
No good deed goes unrewarded. As thanks as sponsoring the Discord, the community, and our website, there are rewards available for patrons. There are currently two reward levels - Expanded Balance and Extended Balance. Their descriptions are to the side.
Thank you so much for your support and helping us with one of, if not the best, Final Fantasy XIV communities.
And, as all of you are already aware -- The unused money is sometimes sent to me (Sky), as I'm currently unemployed. It's not much, but it lightens up the burden for me currently, a lot. Thanks to everybody who contributes.

You can join the discord by clicking here.
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If we reach this tier, we'll do giveaways far more often than we do at the moment -- We've done one, with another one in the works, although in a completely different stance. We plan on doing more for different occasions, but most of the money will *still* come out of our own pockets. Reaching this would make it far easier for us to do so.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
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