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About Sky-King Horus


Hello All! I'm Ray-Anthony Height, a freelance comic illustrator, storyboard artist, & creator. I've worked for Marvel Comics, Marvel Animation, Viz Media, Hasbro, Lion Forge, and Image Comics. I'm also the creator of Midnight Tiger at Action Lab Entertainment, part of their Actionverse superhero continuity. More of my credits include X-Men: Blue, Amazing Spider-Man, Fear Itself: Fearsome Foursome, Spider-Girl, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur and Powerman: Shadowlands for Marvel, Grimm Fairy Tales for Zenescope, Redaki and Monsuno for Viz Media, Critically Acclaimed SUPERB for Lion Forge.


Now, I'm venturing into creating new fun comics and new artwork for myself, developing new IP, and just having a place where my fans can get access to all the personal work I'd like to do in my own time at my own pace. I'll still be doing work-for-hire and freelancing for large publishers, but I needed something to supplement my income between assignments and to have a safe space to do my own thing they way I'd like. :)


For starters, it's just $1 to get access to everything I'm offering here. That's it. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter can have the random sketches and the Marvel, DC, etc. promos for my freelance work, but YOU guys will get EVERYTHING else! Feel free to donate more if you like, but I don't think there is a better deal than $1 a month for full access to my personal work. The only time the rest of the world will see what's in here will be when /if I decide to publish the comics I do here or when I collect and turn my personal artwork here into a sketchbook. Both would be sold at conventions, but that is a LONG way off and you'll be seeing...and even be able to purchase...all that work along the way. It's the tiniest risk for the subsriber with a pretty big reward!

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