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My heartfelt thanks have transcended to appreciation and gratitude unlike any found in this world or its future! I will call you by name at the end of each chapter as thanks for being a very special supporter. You will also receive access to the behind the scenes files of SKYREFall, be it unused/unedited audio, pieces of rambling writing, character biographies, and even pieces of plot yet to be revealed! All this in addition to the rewards above.




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What is SKYREFall?

Brought together by circumstance and a conviction to stand against the evil Corporate Government, SKYRE, our fated heroes have the world against them and only each other to rely on, but can cold minds work with warm hearts for the greater good? Or when confronted by ghoulish Necrid, corporate soldiers, and world class mercenaries will their differences prove irreconcilable? SKYREFall tells a story of personal discovery, overcoming differences, and grand adventure in a place where your convictions define you.

You can follow the journey through SKYREFall, a narrative podcast that releases chapters weekly. It is a scripted, narrated, and edited experience.

"Who are you?

Who am I?"

I am Al Queue, creator of SKYREFall. For almost a decade I have been storytelling, behind the head of a table, behind the computer screen, and even notebooks when I'm out. My interest in it goes beyond making works as a hobby, and drives who I am. Truthfully, SKYREFall will go on even if no support comes forth, but it is a special story to me. And with the help of noble patrons as yourselves, I hope it can be a special story to many more.

I love doing this and want to devote as much of my time and work as I can to it, and so here I present this Patreon. With your help, I can not only devote my time to the SKYREFall podcast, but improve on its quality in almost every aspect. I have gathered the impressive skills of people I am lucky to have around me already, such as a composer, web designer, artist, and even voice actors.

I want to keep them around and reward them for their work. They have each given something to the world of SKYREFall already, where we all hope to give something to you as well.

Can I listen to SKYREFall before I pledge?
Absolutely! Here are the first four chapters to get you started. And more importantly, all chapters of SKYREFall are always free! Not a cent of the money you pledge goes towards releases, only the quality of them.
SKYREFall Chapter 1
SKYREFall Chapter 2
SKYREFall Chapter 3
SKYREFall Chapter 4

Who is helping with SKYREFall?
  • My in-house composer/arranger, Robert Quinones, who you can reach by messaging me.
  • The artist responsible for the banner of this page and the cover of SKYREFall is Asch, who you can find right here!
  • Voice of Alice: Ashten Williams
  • Web designer, Ryan Pugh.
  • Filmwork: Nick Tanaka, available at his Facebook page here.
  • And myself, responsible for the writing, scripting, narrating, and organizing of this whole thing!
$9 of $35 per chapter
Gets the narrator a new shockmount, gets you character sketches and a special video of gratitude.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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