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About Sky-Shifter

Hey! My name's Tessa Ann, but you can call me Sky-Shifter or Sky! I'm a mixed media fantasy artist who likes to draw dragons, gryphons, and other beasties. I also really like drawing animals, tropical beaches and space themed art.

My favorite mediums to work in are copic markers, polychromos pencils, ink pen, ink wash, watercolors, and PS5. I am also branching out into some more crafty mediums and am currently experimenting with sculpture, needle felting, and crocheting.

I am a graduate of Kutztown University with a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts, currently making a living working in retail/taking freelance work (livin' the dream T_T). I'm working hard to improve and support myself more with my art; any help is greatly appreciated.

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Thank you so much for stopping by my page! c:
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$110 a month helps me a lot with my bills! This will cover several of them, allowing me to worry less about needing to pick up extra hours at my job and keeping my stress levels lower. Less stress and less time at my work means more art! c:
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