Sky's Kingdom

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Esquires are the main supporters. Anyone who supports with $1 or more gets this role.
Includes Discord rewards
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Marquess are the people who choose to support with a little more then Esquires each month. 
Includes Discord rewards
Marquess (Plus Advertising)
per month
This is for those that feel like going above and beyond the rest and pledge $5 every month. Includes the ability to get a weekly shout out on the server.
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About Sky's Kingdom

Hey guys!

Thanks for checking out this page. This is where people who wish to help support the server can do so. All of the revenue will be used for the server and only the server. None of it will be pocketed by anyone. To be as transparent as possible with this, there will be a monthly post showing where and what the revenue was spent.


Supporters get a few exclusive perks in the server. People who contribute $1 at any time will get the "Esquires" role in the server. Anyone who pledges $3 or more monthly get the "Marquess" role.
Roles benefits include:
  • Role specific chats on the server
  • Additional entries into giveaways
  • Additional votes on server polls
Role specific chats are for discussing anything you want as long as it follows the server rules. This includes respecting the mods and each other.
Each role also gets more entries into server giveaways and polls then normal normal users.
  • Normal members - 1
  • Esquires - 2
  • Marquess - 3
  • Marquess (Plus Advertising) - 4
Every Wednesday, Marquess (Plus Advertising) will get a shout out for any SFW social media page of theirs and have it posted in a special supporters shout outs channel.
Thanks again for coming by and supporting the server. We appreciate everyone for their pledges and will work hard to make the best community on Discord!
$0 of $45 per month
$45 a month is the cost of advertising the server at the moment. This is the main way members are brought into the server.
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