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My name is Sky and I am a starving (for attention) artist from Kansas. I paint with acrylics and I draw with charcoal. There is nothing that I don’t love to paint or draw, except bugs and flowers for whatever reason. I mean if you want me to paint or draw that I will… But I won’t be happy about it. My painting style is a little impressionism, a little expressionism, and a lot of still trying to figure it out. My drawing style is photorealistic. At least I like to think.
I’ve always been interested in creating things because it makes me feel accomplished and that’s all I ever really want. I know it takes some level of narcissism to think people would be interested in the things I create, but girl I’m broke. And if someone tells me they enjoy my art I will gladly share what I love to do. Message me if you’re interested in my creative process, so I can surely create a pretentious illusion of what it really is. And message me if you’re interested in owning some of my work. Thank you.
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This is my monthly goal! I am in DIRE need of art supplies and am hopeing I can use this for budgeting per month :) 
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