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If you find my videos interesting, if they bring you any joy, inspire you or make you feel happy, if you want to help support the continued creation of them, then you can Pledge here on Patreon to directly support my content, plus you receive exclusive perks in exchange. ONLY PATRONS HAVE FULL ACCESS to all the behind the scenes videos..
You can become a Patron for as little as $1! If you can't afford $1 right now, You are still welcome to View all my current YouTube videos....

Hey there!

My name is Duncan (SlammDunk) I make videos and upload them to YouTube. A few people watch them, i just enjoy making them! 
I don't expect or assume anyone will contribute any more to my projects than simply watching my videos. I appreciate that by itself. But if you feel like contributing more, it'll all go back into creating more stuff. From time to time, the site may go a few weeks without any new videos being posted, but rest assured that just because i am not posting something doesn't mean i am not working hard on stuff behind the scenes, usually multiple projects at once because i'm kind of crazy (and a Gemini). I tend to spend longer editing my videos than it seems many other online video creators do because it's my favourite aspect and i like to get creative with it whenever possible.

I have kept the Patreon pledge tiers very low because honestly i know there's better things you should be spending large amounts of money on. I may change up some tiers and add some higher rewards in the future, but for right now just think of this as donations that give you a little something back as a thank you for continuing to watch and support what i do.

  • Patreon allows people who value my Work to support it by making a monthly pledge.
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Why i use Patreon
Patreon will allow me to make SlammDunk on YouTube a reality, Long-term (hopefully!) with your help. As a member, you get access to our members-only Patreon feed, watch videos early, and cast your vote in the poll for the next video/livestream topic. I can sit down with you guys every month for a Patreon-only livestream Q&A. Patronage exists as a way for you to say thanks with financial assistance, which in turn makes it easier for me to continue to create and if you're feeling super generous, you can even get your name in the credits as a Sponsor.

Thank you for watching (and reading)!
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At $1000 a month i can stop worrying about my life in its current state! I will be able to peruse my YouTube dreams without being scared of the consequences.

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