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Even one dollar can help the development of this book. If you pick this tier you will gain access to the official discord server of Crimson Fates.

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If you pledge to me via this tier, you will get not only access to the discord, but a chance to be entered in a contest to submit an Original Character of yours as a character in the book. (You can only be entered in the contest in this tier and the $10 Tier)

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This tier is my biggest recommendation. In this tier, you will get not only the previous benefits from the both last tiers, but also a T-Shirt that will show your Crimson Fate spirit! You will also be featured in the Patron Thanks section in the book as the loyal supporters that made this happen.

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About SlasherBandit

Hello, I'm SlasherBandit, AKA John. I'm an ambitious young teen who's always loved the genre of science fiction and have been in love with the genre since a wee tot. My favorite type of the genre to partake in were RPGs, the stories behind them filled my imagination with wonder and excitement behind the amazing cliffhangers, plot twists and suspense, and the well written characters and their development, and so I have decided to write a book of my own that will represent my love and appreciation for the genre. With your help, I can make my dream come true and make something magical and a great escape for the mind for everybody who enjoys the spirit of science fiction to partake in. The story begins with a young flamboyant boy and his group of companions trying to close the gates of a mystical temple containing an ancient artifact created by a god who had power over time itself, to stop another group of people to trying to get their hands on it so that they can get the power of the relic for themselves. Every dollar counts and is greatly appreciated, so I ask of you, donate to this project so that I can make something amazing for people to enjoy.
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If I reach this goal per month, I will host a special livestream showing my work behind the scenes of Crimson Fates.
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