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I've been creating different kinds of urban/ethnic CC for a while now because of EA representation of '' non-colored  '' or '' ashy '' content that was provided to the Black Simming Community. On the journey of creating with friends etc, I noticed that it became a passion/hobby that needed to be shared with others.

In the Simming Community, I shared many creations that I thought was suitable for y'all like hairs etc but I got messages about a site called Patreon, where I could share more ideas and help upgrade my tools for making them also.

My mission is to give us black simmers CC need and wanted for their sims.
Thank you for supporting my journey!

                                                 Much Appreciation & Love
                                                             - Micah (SlaughtaSims)


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- When I reach this amout of Slaughtreons I will do a HUGE PACK containing GOODIES!
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