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Black men do not have a voice in this world, our issues and concerns are rarely if ever taken seriously. I felt it was time to provide a platform to where primarily black men could come together and discuss the issues, topics and subjects that were pressing upon their hearts without having to deal with the constant ridicule and non cooperation from others.

However, at the end of the day black men must support those who stand up for them and their causes. Support requires finances, there is no way around this. Too many black folks want their voices heard for free, that is not how things work in the real world. I thank you in advance for getting behind my work at, the more support I receive, the greater the things that can be done.

Non black men and women are also more than welcome to financially support my blog site if they feel they benefit from the information brought forward in my articles.
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I aim to continue delivering hard hitting articles, to write more books on the subjects, topics, issues and concerns that matter to black men and thereafter non black men and women who can also relate to our current plight.
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