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This tier is judged individually--so your first pack of misprints will be mailed as soon as you hit 3 months at this tier. 

In the future as I have more time & facilities to print (and therefore more misprints and unique prints!), I may adjust this tier to include a bundle every other month, or even every month.




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About Sleepersharks

Hello! My name is Kit and I'm a printmaker living and working in Ohio.

I've always been inspired by medieval woodcuts, etchings, and illuminations, and while I graduated from Columbus College of Art and Design in 2014 (Illustration), I never explored printmaking while I was there. I began experimenting with small stamps in early 2017, after getting a job at a fine arts supply where the materials were cheap and readily available, and it became clear that the linocut process was natural for me almost immediately!

All my printmaking is self-taught, and I made a patreon so that I can have a steady income outside of my day job and conventions in order to support print studio membership fees (Access to an etching and relief press, a Vandercook letterpress, specialty inks and tools--All incredible to work with after hand-pressing my prints for so long!)

While I specialize in carving and printing, pledging will give you access to not only WIPs, progress, and process of blocks and the printing process itself, but a look into my sketchbooks, overall planning and thought process, commissions, and experiments with different media, plus the opportunity to ask me questions about my process, and the relief printmaking process in general. I'm very excited to share my process and continuing exploration, patron support means a ton to me and I hope that I can inspire people in return!

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Thank you!

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