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About Skinky

Hello skink fans, and thanks for checking out our Patreon page. I want to thank you for considering supporting us in our endeavor. Let me tell you a little about who we are and why you should consider supporting us, and all the nice things you can get from us for doing so.

We're Sleepless Skink Productions (or just SSP). We're a group of friends that all love making stories, we've all banded together in order to try to share our comics with as many people as we can. Right now, we make stories and comics, but in the future we want to make much more.

If you think this description is a little vague, its because it is! We have very few rules for putting stories in the site, everyone is fully invited to make as many pages for as many series as they can handle at any one time. This means that we've got a great variety of series, ranging for demon infested thrillers, to phantom infested mysteries, pokemon filled adventures, and all the way back. We update nearly daily, with an average of 8 pages every week. So, even if you decide that you cannot support us, you can still check our site, all of the content we create is free. And with a little help from you, we hope to keep it that way!

So you're interested in helping us keep this site going? Great! Honestly, there is a surprising amount of hidden costs to keeping up a site up like this. But basically, we'll be paying our site bills, and then distributing the rest money amongst the team members.
Looking forward a little, there are other mediums that we want to try our hand at, things like games, or animations. However, the software to get these things is often not free. By helping us, you'll be giving SSP team members the freedom to try out new and exciting venues for their storytelling!

We all love making stories, but the truth is that its a time-consuming and difficult process. We want to repay all of the artists for their hard work and dedication to the stories they want to tell, and enable them to continue to tell them in the future.

This, however isn't a one-way street, if you do decide to help us, we have many, many different rewards for you to enjoy. We tried hard to include as many kind of rewards as possible. Lots of awesome stuff, ranging from getting to know the artists, comic-related social events, getting exclusive previews from things yet to come in our series and more!

We may still be working out some sKINKS on the way we are doing things, but thank you for considering supporting us. We hope to see you on the site.

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