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Oh hey, cool, you think I oughta make a Discord for this?

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$6 (ok, $5 and change) gets me one of those KFC five dollar fill-ups, and gets you the Discord whenever I get around to making it and also you can suggest something to go in a story.

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If I make videos like for LPs or whatever, I'll put your name in at the end + the other stuff above.


I'm Met, and I'm a disabled writer/editor/tarot reader/cat herder/occasional vlogger. Right now I'm focusing on fiction. I'll probably try LPing stuff too, but that requires money and motivation/encouragement.

This is mostly a placeholder because Patreon is caving to capitalism and I have 11 minutes to launch this page.

If you want weird fiction or a salty and occasionally informative LP, throw some change my way please.

(Images currently up are not mine, I'll fix that as soon as I find something good)
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Oh shit, this is some incentive to write more, or maybe do an LP. 
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