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About Sleuthr

Hi! My name is Eric and I love solving mysteries!

And if the popularity of cold-case podcasts and other media is any indication, so do you.


Since April 2018 I've been busy creating a full-featured virtual sleuthing environment called Sleuthr. Why? Because of the rise of the "citizen sleuth," those devoted case-file enthusiasts who spend their free time poring over mysteries old and new. 

It is my goal to make that effort more streamlined, space-conscious, and easy to share!


The hard truth about software is that without support the likelihood of a quality product diminishes. This is why I'm turning to you. With your help, I will be able to put Sleuthr's development into high gear. Among the features I am aiming to include, you will be able to directly contribute to the creation of:
  • an easy-to-use virtual case-file environment, which will save your physical home from piles of folders and sprawling crazy walls.
  • a drag-and-drop system for including documents of your own choosing.
  • myriad tools for marking-up and organizing your documents, from highlighters to marker pens, to sticky notes and the classic red-string-and-thumbtack.
  • the ability to save your research as a level that can be downloaded and perused by others, and eventually...
  • ...I hope to allow users to invite others into their levels in real time over the internet.
  • With the entire package eventually being available as a product on Steam.


Do you know what I don't like? Bad things happening to people - especially when the culprit(s) remains at large. It is a large relief then to know that somewhere out there in the wilds of the internet are thousands of you looking to do whatever you can to bring criminals to justice. And if the recent apprehension of the Golden State Killer in April 2018 is any indication, it works

This Patreon page will give those who labor toward the apprehension of criminals another tool to use, and one that through donations, suggestions, and feedback they will be able to help shape the development of. 

By using this platform, I will be able to give weekly updates on Sleuthr, as well as to release in-progress FREE betas from time to time, which will allow patrons and lurkers alike to begin piecing together their favorite mysteries and sharing those results with others. 

So if you're interested, please consider contributing to this project. By doing so, we can work together to ensure that even if bad things still happen to people, we can be there to make sure that those who commit crimes get the justice they deserve

Please feel free to email me at [email protected]
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When Sleuthr reaches $500 per month, I will begin posting bi-weekly videos that showcase the progress of community-suggested improvements or features."
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