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About Slime House

So I'm guessing you just watched one of our videos? Maybe you saw me running around Japan, losing my mind looking for vintage action figures. Or, watched me interview the star of one of your favourite 80s VHS horror movies on YouTube. That, or you just came here to nosey at how many people actually want to donate money to help us make more of this shit. Either way, I'm glad we at least sparked your interest enough to get you this far...

Welcome to the Official Patreon page of Slime House TV.

My name is Theo Cane Garvey, and I'm a filmmaker and illustrator from Sheffield in the UK. In 2016 I was randomly given the opportunity to create a TV show for Sheffield Live TV's independent network - so I gathered my ragtag crew of filmmaking marauders, called in a few favours, and within a couple of months and a quick trip to Tokyo, we had five full episodes of our very own late-night TV talk show in the can and ready for broadcast!

Previous to this I had very little experience in making my own TV show, and the gig was very much a 'not what you know but who you know' kind of situation, but something that I saw as an amazing opportunity for an up and coming filmmaker to get involved with. After all, working on TV looks good on any CV right?

We built our own underground TV studio, brought in special guests and bands, and managed to grab interviews with some of the biggest names in their respected fields. All on a budget of zero, a tonne of late nights editing, and a lot of hard work.

Word then got out that our show was getting good reception, and within the same year we were contacted by other independent tv show networks who all wanted to show Slime House TV. Before long It was broadcasting all around the country. Playing back to back with AWA Independent Wrestling on Mustard TV in Norwich is one of my personal proudest of moments. So right after we interview Necro and hear him talk about smashing gigs all over the world, we see wrestlers smashing each other around the head with folding chairs... A perfect double bill! So freaking cool!

It was all such a great experience and seeing ourselves on TV every week made us all feel very proud, and all in all the whole project was extremely rewarding. But, fun aside, creating Slime House TV on such a shoe-string budget was a lot of hard work, and regardless of the fact we created hours of viewing for a number of broadcasted TV networks, and poured our hearts and souls into every second of the show's production, we never received any money for any our  efforts, and figured YouTube might be the way forward to try and generate some revenue to keep this beast we had created fed. 

Previous to the birth of Slime House TV, we had one just one single video on our YouTube channel, a feature-length documentary that I had directed and edited a few years before, called Sheffield Graffiti Kingdom, but then slowly but surely we started adding Slime House episodes. Together we gathered more interviews with legendary artists and creators, and after hooking up with HorrorCon UK and being given access to interview their amazing line-up of famous guests every year, we felt like we had really built up a solid brand that we could use as a platform to showcase all of our projects.

We started a podcast called the lowdown shelter that ran for 22 episodes, where myself and creative partner 'Respek BA' would talk movies, games and pop culture. At the same time, I filmed documentaries for the channel in Japan and Europe and America, added short films and toy reviews. We covered it all - anything and everything cool, artistic retro and edgy, all while I was working full time AND while Directing, acting in and editing, my own epic scale feature film called 'Unit Eleven'.

It was all a lot to handle. Like never getting any sleep and not eating properly a lot to handle. Like relying on energy drinks to get me to the next project, and through work every single day, type of a lot to handle! But we created all this content because I wanted to make cool and inspiring videos for people to enjoy and vibe off, because I wanted to show people that they are not alone in loving that obscure little piece of retro weirdness that nobody else they ever met understood or cared about because, I love film, and I love art, and I love connecting with like minded people and creating cool stuff, and every single piece of it that we have created, we funded ourselves and put it out there for you guys, the viewer, for free.

So why am I telling you all this?

Earlier this year my job situation changed and I decided to go fully self-employed. No safety nets from now on. I'm trying to pay all of my bills and living expenses with the money from my own private art commissions. Now, anyone who has tried that ridiculous idea knows just how hard it is, but I feel it's now or never, and I really need to get this little art career of mine moving in some kind of direction! This also means a drastic change to my financial situation meaning that until further notice, I am going to have a lot less money to spend on Slime House videos. But on the flip side it means I have way more time to spread the word of the brand, network every day and most importantly create more regular content!

You see, I wanna make Slime House TV HUGE. I want to be able to pump money into this platform. I want to be able to buy the best equipment available, get the best shots and create the best videos possible, I want to be able to hire people and pay for advertising and have a tonne more followers across all out social media platforms, so that when we approach people for interviews, collaborations and sponsorships they can see we have got an entire army behind us.

I want to rival the quality of any other online content provider. I want to create more merchandise and clothes, get the toy line popping, and get the best promo for our movies and help other people get their movies off the ground and seen by the masses. But it's so difficult doing all this without any support, and with how things are right now, it's becoming harder than ever.

I understand everybody's broke...It's 2018, nobody that I know is rocket balling, but, if you can help us get the gears in motion and get this Patreon generating revenue, I'm telling you, it will make such a huge difference.

So please have a look at our options and see what you think, every little helps even if its just a £1 donation monthly, it all adds up and together we can get this thing moving! In return, as well as all of our usual YoutTube uploads, we will also be providing regular exclusives created just for the pledgers from us to you, just to say thanks.

This will Include a brand new feature-length monthly Slime House TV vlog, documenting everything we get up between projects, that's right FEATURE-LENGTH!  Plus the highly requested return of our podcast The Lowdown Shelter!

That's right! Myself and Respek BA will be heading back down into the bunker to release an all-new regular run of podcast episodes, exclusively for our Patreon donators and our Patreon donators only! This will also include full access to our previous 22 episodes that are now also Patreon pledger only exclusives! Yes, I realise I am using the word 'exclusive' a lot right now, but if you are a donator to the cause that's something your just gonna have to get used to, because it's just going to keep coming!

And that's just the beginning...

This can all get bigger and better depending on how many people join our army of Slime warriors who help support what I believe is truly worthy cause.

Much respect, thanks for the support, and thanks for taking the time to read this.

Theo x

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