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Unlock the exclusive Ableton project files content The project files require Ableton Suite v9.01. For each project I will specify which external vst plugins are used (if  any). I usually use freware plugins and I will post the links to them. In any case, I will also provide the project with the frozen channels, which have the audio content if you don't want to use external plugins. Of course, I will gladly assist you with any question related to the project file.




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Hi there! My name is Liviu and I live in Romania. Being European, I grew up with electronic dance music (starting with the early 90's commercial house, eurodance, trance and moving to more underground house and techno). I don't deny it: I've heard a lot of horrible EDM songs in all these years (EDM is bad, mkay?), but there are also some gems out there that make everything else musically pale in comparison in my world. My passion grew up more with time and I have spend most of my weekends in my 20's going to clubs to listen to quality electronic music. To give you and idea of what kind of music I'm interested in here's a playlist from my youtube channel:

Uplifting Quality House

In terms of music production, I'm an amateur producer which started to make music years ago, but never really tried to follow the dream.
I do not own any professional equipment, I do my music on an old and slow computer and headphones. I have taught myself to use music production tools, but as far as I see myself I am not a natural born talented musical person. I cannot read music and I am voiceless. But this didn't stopped me to try to create music.

I think it's everybody's right to create music in this digital era, so now I try to help and inspire others to create more music by providing the music I have created together with the project files and samples that I have used. I have used Fruity Loops and Ableton files but certainly I'm no expert. My way of creating music is about passion and experimentation and less about expertise and theory.

If anyone is interested in my music, please support me. It will really mean so much to me! I plan to make all my songs free for listening and downloading and make the Ableton project files available for the patreons. The earned money will be 100% invested in a decent audio setup! And of course, I will create more and more music!

Oh, I almost forgot. I am also a programmer and I create games.

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My first goal will be to have two patreons. This will be a good indication that I should continue with my music! Thank you! 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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