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Hallo. My name is (insert name here).

I am the common man who's simply trying to entertain other people. Been in quite a rut myself, and I don't really like seeing people unhappy. So, yeah. I live to entertain and see other people happy. I'll happily keep them away from the side that I experienced.

I got a buncha dreams, homies. These dreams can't happen without your help. I'm just one guy. You guys are many. With your help, I can do my best to provide the best possible content and projects for you.

Everything that gets donated comes back straight to you in the form of:
1) Kingdom Hearts Unchained X content
2) Better equipment for better quality
3) Video game requests

I pocket literally no money, so if that's a concern, don't worry lol. I'll do my best to show receipts and what not on a bi-weekly/monthly basis. Anyway, that's about it.

Thanks for giving me your time!
$0 of $60 per
Any requested video game(s) that you'd like me to play for PlayStation 4.

I currently do not own any other systems.
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