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Access to my patreon discord channel where you can suggest ideas for my projects, as well as see pictures and secret things I'm working on!
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The previous, and I will 100% integrate any reasonable idea you have into my projects! This includes level theme ideas, music choices, and more! I will also make any custom song you want for your SM64 project, provided a midi file, within 3 days or less!
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3rd Level Strats
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The previous, and I will allow you access to any revision of my projects at any time! This will allow you to join the betatesting channel in the discord server! I will also allow you to create easter eggs for my project, whether they're ridiculous or not!
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About sm64pie

Hi there! I'm Zach, a Game Developer and 3D Modeler from the US! I'm working on a 3D platformer about space exploration and sibling shenanigans called Celestial Explorer! Enjoy your stay!
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Thanks! I can take less hours at work and have more time to work on projects at this point ^^
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