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About smakosh

   I'm Ismail Ghallou, also known as Smakosh, I'm a self-taught full-stack JavaScript developer, Graphic & UI/UX Designer, I started Learning Design & web development since November 2015, currently learning slowly about Neural networks while continuously learning more about JavaScript. I spend most of my time learning & building stuff like Ai HashtagsBeaf, I'm working as a front-end developer at Obytes, interested in Science & tech.

I'm sharing:
- my designs on DribbbleBehance.
- my experience by writing articles on my blog:
- my tips & tutorials on my YouTube channel: Smakosh
- my shots on:
- my open source projects on Github:

Personal website:

You can Follow me on :

For any business inquiries : [email protected] Thanks for all the support guys :)

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