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For just even $1 a month, you will be an immense help for SmashBits to continue making weekly animations!

- All Patrons get access to NEW videos every Friday instead of Saturday!

- Access to a SmashBits Patron Discord Server where we will be holding livestreams, giveaways, and special events!

Current goal is 1% of our subscribers donating $1 monthly! 




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About SmashBits Animation

SmashBits Animations: YouTube channel operated by SmashBits Animation Studio. We make funny video game animations. We have nine in-house team-members making animations for our own channel in addition to cartoons for other big youtubers.

What we do: When we do parody – WE DO PARODY. We love and play just as much as you do ensuring we know "how it feels." We animate the pain. Only those who play it - get it. We make comedy that makes you feel, “yes, this is so true.”

We need your help: As you know animation is very VERY expensive to make. We have an entire studio that needs to be covered. YouTube as it is now just isn't a sustainable platform for animations. An 11 Minute video takes us an average of 200 man-hours to complete. Please help us make what we’re all passionate about! If even a fraction of our subscribers donated ONE dollar, we can keep posting weekly (at minimum) animations without worry!

$33 of $500 per month
To thank you guys for helping us get this far, we'll be holding a biweekly giveaway for Patrons on our Discord server! There, a SmashBits T-Shirt will be given away every other week! We'll be expanding the giveaway as we receive more support!
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