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About smellycat

hi, i make weird diy music with synths n computers n guitars n samples n shit and i take weird photos. started up this patreon page because i recently started therapy to fight my mental illness and that's an extra 80$ each month that i don't have so if you'd be so kind to donate even just 1-2 dollars a month that'd be a huge help in the days i don't have enough money to eat and if a bunch of people donate that much i'll be able to go an extra session each month and/or pay for my meds and whatever
also this will motivate me to make more music which as always i release free, if there's anything i release that costs money everyone who supports this patreon will get a free download code. also i'll try to take more photos n upload them more regularly.
thanks and stay safe and healthy

places you can go and listen/download my music for free: