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Welcome to my Patreon Page!

Let's face it, the music industry thrives on bullshit.  Whether it's bad gear getting good reviews because people are paid off, or the "auto-tune drum-sample edited-to-death" records shat out by the recording industry, there's an huge, stinking cesspool to wade through these days.

People work hard for their money, and deserve to be told the truth.  And I've made it my mission to deliver exactly that:  the truth.   Nobody should be lied to about a bad piece of gear just so someone can pad their pocketbook.

And for the last three years, I've made three videos a week with this phiolsophy, and it's worked out pretty well.. That is, until Youtube's adpodaclypse.   Because some prudes out there have decided that you shouldn't be able to earn a living if you use words they don't approve of.   THEY have decided what is best for YOU.

Which I think is absolute fucking horeshit.   I'd rather speak to you in day-to-day language that everyone uses.  Not some sanitized "Disney worldview" of what "proper" language is.   I mean seriously... where's the fun in that?

So I'm asking you, the coolest audience in the entire world, for your help.   Help me keep my videos fun, and independently funded.   That way I can keep bringing out the hammer of truth.


69% complete
Patron Sponsored "Fearless Gear Review"  I take a poll and buy the gear based on the review YOU want to see.  Sponsored only by you, I can give you guys the real story without any of the bullshit.
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