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I've been an anti-racist organizer for the better part of a decade, mostly unpaid. Because of the ethics of getting paid to organize, especially as a white cishet man, I've been hesitant to do grassroots fundraising for my organizing.

But then in January of this year, I noticed I was jaundiced (yellow itchy skin) and suddenly became ill and was in the hospital for two weeks, where I was diagnosed with a rare liver disease, PSC (primary sclerosing cholangitis), which the only cure is a liver transplant. Over the past month I've been undergoing a slew of blood tests, biopsies, CT scans, PET scans, MRIs, endoscopies, etc. to complete the process to officially get on the waiting list for a liver transplant. I should be on the list pretty soon, and most likely have the transplant sometime in the next 6 months. In the meantime I'm extremely fatigued, because my liver is unable to properly filter toxins out of my body. My health has been getting a little progressively worse, but is for the most part stable. I've had to mostly, but not entirely, cut back from organizing. I expect to be "out" for all of 2018. Once I am healthy again, I'll totally revamp this Patreon and add facilitation of workshops & trainings, consultations, more writings, copy editing, etc.

Aside from my health, my main concern right now is paying my rent and other bills each month. Thankfully, I have Medicaid health insurance that is covering my medical bills 100%, and soon I'll be receiving foodstamps. I'm unable to work right now, so my income has dropped to zero.

From support from you all, I will be able to have less stress over paying my bills, and will also be able to continue doing some organizing work remotely from home, as well as continue creating zines and pinback buttons. Two projects in the works are a zine about affinity groups & spokescouncils, and a zine about nonviolent direct action. I'm open to suggestions if there's a zine or button you'd like to see!
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