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About Smyton4TW

Hey everyone! This is Nicolas Mandiola or Smyton4TW on Youtube. I thank you for taking the time and checking out my Patreon page!

I will be working on three different types of projects in 2019!

 - Fan animations of different manga (of which will be decided in a 'Patrons-only' Poll.
- Nardo Shippuden Z
- Art tutorials.

Nardo Shippuden Z will be my long running project and through Patron supporters (you) I can make this my career and work on Nardo full time. I want to thank you all for being supporters via youtube, but even a bigger thanks to those who have decided to directly support me in my Patreon!

Each episode is set to be 4-6 minutes long every 3 months.
If I can reach my first goal of $1800 a month, I'll be decreasing the length it takes to release each episode!

After pre-production, My team and I will begin animating the whole episode, splitting it into different sections. Using the character model sheets so all the art stays consistent, they will draw every frame, layout, key pose, animate, in-between, ink and paint. Once completed, I will composite each scene together ( Putting the background, animation, effects and lighting together).

The support on YouTube has helped my abilities and love for animation, but supporting me through Patreon as well can make this my career. It has always been my dream to entertain people through animation. I have original stories and short animations that I wish to show everyone, this is why I have made a Patreon page.

What is Patreon and how do I help?
Patreon allows fans to become direct supporters of content they love. Its kind of like a kickstarter, but in smaller numbers and on a consistent basis. Once you have made an account, you can choose to support me through a donation of your liking. It can be as little as 1 dollar or as big as you want. This 'tip' or support is applied with each new episode I release, but is not charged until the end of the month. You can also put a maximum per month, just in case if I some how make 100 episodes in 1 month. There are also bonuses for contributing. If you decide its not worth it anymore or change your mind later, you can cancel at any time.

Thank you all for taking the time!

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- Participate in the Polls on what Fan Animation I'll do monthly!

You will get updates to all the work I add exclusively to Patreon.

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$52 of $500 per month
YouTube has demonized me completely, but that's okay! When I hit this goal, I will animate a clip from a selected manga chapter of my Patron's choosing every month

I will also be working on Nardo Shippuden Z along side any clips!

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