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Snow Pups
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Hey, thank you so much for pledging and joining this tier!! By pledging you will get:

  • Access to Patreon only posts.
  • Access to Patreon only livestreams.
  • Sketches I won't be posting anywhere but here! 
  • First claims to one prize or patreon exclusive adopts/designs.
  • A chance to get one requests of a headshot, bust, or fullbody.
  • %5 off commission prices.
Snow Beans
per month

 The upgraded version of Snow Pups! In this you will get: 

  • Everything from the previous tier!
  •  A digital sticker of one of your characters! (Headshot, bust, or fullbody, your choice!)
  •  Exclusive bases
  • 10% off commission prices.
  • Free sketched chibi of one of any of your characters at the end of each month! 
  •  A significantly higher chance to get one requests of a headshot, bust, or fullbody. 
Special Snowflakes
Limited (20 of 20 remaining)
per month

  Thank you so much for pledging to my final tier! Your pledge Is so deeply appreciated. In this you will get:

  •  Everything from the previous tier!  
  • Speedpaints! You will be able to view speedpaints of my pieces, both SFW and NSFW! I will be frequently uploading videos of my work process for certain pieces I finish and you will likely be able to see the process of nearly all of my pieces! 
  •  Occasional freebies (Adopts, a selected commission by me or you, 2-3 requests)
  • Features
  • Exclusive Bases
  •  A much higher chance to get one requests of nearly any of my artistic options.
  •   The ability to vote In any polls I host. You can vote for what you would like to see, this includes which character of mine you would like to see drawn and what kind of adopts I should release next.
  •  One time access to a future discord server.
  •  One time access of being able to have one of your characters pop up In any of my stories! (Details will be privately discussed.) 
  •  %15 off commission prices. 
  •  Free Sketched Fullbody of Your Character Each Month 

 Thank you so, so, so much for your support! It means the entire world to me. With your help, I will be able to create more for myself and others with the support through my patreon!   ❤  ❤ 




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Hi! I'm SN0WYTR4SH, but you can call me Snowy or Snow.
Thank you so much for considering becoming a patron or for simply viewing this page! Here you can support me financially and generally while getting access to quite a bit of content - exclusive, private, or first view!
My page, for now, Is still In development. I am attempting to get into the schedule I desire.
My post range widely from SFW & NSFW comics, normals digital & traditional pieces, speedpaints, possible animations and more!
You will get early access and uncensored content and perhaps even a more perks!