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Thanks for supporting me in running this little blog! If you want, I'll add your name to credits on the blog and any video essay I'll create in the future.


Hi, I'm Thibaut Nicodème, host of the Snark Theater.

The Snark Theater
is a blog I started in February 2013 to try my hands at media criticism as I was also busy flexing my writing muscles in earnest. Can't make something if you can't be critical of it, was the idea. I stand by that idea, even if my outlook's changed a lot since then.

Over at the Snark Theater, the name of the game is putting a book under the microscope. Years ago when I started, that just meant reading through it and commenting as I did. Nowadays, I'm taking a more synthetic approach—less nitpicking on every plot point, and instead focusing on themes and social implications. My latest was a romp through Ready Player One and while it took me a lot longer to do than the early stuff, it's also emblematic of what I want to keep doing moving forward, complete with pausing the review for a moment to write a mini-essay about the ways in which the protagonist, from his very introduction, was broken and could be fixed.

This leads us to all the side content I also make for the blog, which can roughly be summed up as "talking about any piece of media about which I feel I have something worthwhile to say." A lot of the time, this takes the form of a standard review; sometimes I'll experiment and compare, say, two stories that deal with coming out as a central theme, or how to handle or not handle a massive interconnected literary universe.

Finally, sometimes I just get on my soapbox and give some writing advice, or at least derive writing tips from experience and from looking at media. That's usually prompted by the readers.

And then there are the plans for the future. The main one is video essays, though there's no ETA on that yet since I haven't gotten any of my ideas past the drafting stage so far. Beyond that, the idea of moving the blog to an independent platform and revisiting my older content is one that I'm super keen on, provided I can afford the time to work on that.

Which is where this comes in! A few years ago I started a Patreon to see if the blog could gather any support. I ended up terminating it because I felt like I wasn't delivering on what I was offering, which is why, for this relaunch, I'm doing more of a hands-off approach until I can get my footing. You can support the blog, or not, it's fine. This will remain a hobby for me until it's not. At least you can't blame me for false advertising.

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Living the dream—making the Snark Theater my primary source of income.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts
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