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 ✻Sneak Peaks + HQ mp3 Downloads!✻ 

For pledging 1$, you will receive access to sneak peaks of my covers! While my cover is in the works, I'll give you guys teasers for lyrics, art, animation, and teasers of the mixing process! In addition to this, when I upload, you will be have full access to a high quality mp3 of my cover or original song!

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✻Help Pick My Next Cover + Shoutouts✻ 

You'll get all the rewards listed above, in addition to being able to  help pick my next cover! I'll ask everyone what they would like to request, and once I've got a good amount of answers, I'll have a small poll to decide what I'm doing next! In addition, you will also receive a shoutout in my video descriptions each week that I release a new cover!

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 ✻Early Releases + Acapellas✻

For this pledge, you get everything listed above in addition to early releases of my covers (up to a WEEK in advance!) and a HQ mp3 of my acapalla! 

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About Snazzle

★ Hello everyone! ★

★ Thank you for taking the time to check out my Patreon! ★

★ My name is Snazz! I am an American vocalist, voice actor,and musician! ★

★ I enjoy covering a variety of different kinds of songs on my YouTube Channel, including Vocaloid, Anime, Cartoon songs (such as songs from Steven Universe and Adventure Time), and soon, K-Pop and American songs! ★

★ As of 2019, I have made it my goal to begin creating made from scratch instrumentals and original music, as I am pursuing a career in music. ★

★ I've decided to make a Patreon because as a student, I cannot afford to make as many investments into this hobby as I'd like to right now. However, I would definitely love to create better quality covers for all my viewers, which is why I've decided to start up a Patreon! With you guys' help, I could continue to improve and make better covers. Also, as a producer, the equipment I need to create music is super costly. In short, as a student with a part-time job, I've made a Patreon so that I can continue to improve and produce more amazing things for my amazing viewers! ★

★ Every dollar is immensely appreciated, thank you all so so much, and have a wonderful day! ★
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We all gotta start somewhere! Building a home studio is a LOT of money. I've mostly been buying everything on my own with money I earned from working in fast food. However, in order to create the best possible original music I can, I am going to need more finite things to improve the instruments I already have! I would like to invest in high quality strings for my guitars, and repairs for other tattered and worn instruments I have.

I also would like to be able to invest in a camera so that I can start making live action videos! 
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