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hi! it’s MAIL TIME :^) and i want to send beautiful things from my mailbox to yours! i have always enjoyed sending and receiving mail. so why not start up a monthly mail subscription for my friends who want to help support me! get some stickers, tattoos, postcards, artwork, buttons, and other lil treats send straight to YOU! i will be creating lil books and music just for this project! by becoming a patron of this project you will also be receiving my music / other updates related to my online content before anyone else. how cool!

so enjoy ur mailbox why dontcha!

working on updating this page!

im a full time artist so your support means the world <3
thank you for reading! and thank you for existing! ★彡

$21 of $500 per month
this goal can help me make this project the best it can be!⌒°(ᴖ◡ᴖ)°⌒
i could do a lot of cool things for you with this goal. it would also allow me to spend more time on creating more things just for you! enjoy your mailbox <3
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