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Thank you. You did not have to do that but I am overjoyed that you did! You gain access to any polls we have for future content, are entered in raffles, and have your name mentioned in any modules I create.




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About Chris Lock

If you're here you probably already know me. I make a lot of stuff, some people like it. Specifically I make things within the Table Top Role Playing community. The biggest project I am working on right now is the Retroverse. You can find out more about that at If you like what I do and the enjoyment I offer, it would be great if you could throw a small bone my way.

By backing this Patreon you are helping to create: Weekly one-shot campaigns, high quality magical item art for your game, The Monstrous Monologues podcast, Daily RPG plot hooks, One-page RPGs, Short stories to expand on daily RPG plothooks, Youtube videos, and a swath of other content that will grow as this Patreon grows. The intent is to create as much free stuff for the community, while also giving a little extra to my patrons, as possible! It is my thanks to you, for being an awesome community and believing in me. Thank you!

The money you donate is going directly to supporting development of Lasers & Liches and to keeping a steady stream of quality RPG content coming into the Table Top community. It is also going towards supporting me as a person. As much as I would like to just make things for people to enjoy, I can't eat goodwill. The bigger this becomes, the more content I can create regularly.

Thanks so much for your support,

-Chris (@Snickelsox)

Background art by Lluis Abadias, who also has a Patreon.
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I will start producing a monthly podcast called The Monstrous Monologues. The basic premise is that we will pick one monster within the Tabletop sphere and dive deep into it. We will discuss the history of the monster, the variations within each edition, and several fun ways to use it within your own game. We will have a few members, including some rotating guests on the show. We may even throw in small reviews of your homebrew monsters as well!
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