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About Snipe and Wib

Who are you?

We are Snipe and Wib, a couple living in the UK who create video game content on Youtube.

As well as doing our main 'Snipe and Wib Play' series (which consists of short, highly-edited highlights reels) we also do reviews, lists, retrospectives, and let's plays.  Basically if it involves video games and Youtube, we've either tried it or want to.

We also do a Podcast called 'The MisanthroPod' that is mostly about video games except when it isn't.

Away from Youtube we're also both artists and musicians who play in the ska punk band 'Fighting Evil is Cool!'.

Why Patreon?

We love creating content for you guys but it does cost us money and we aren't in the greatest financial situation to begin with, everything so far has been done on a super tight budget which is why it's so rare that we play/talk about any game that's new, we simply can't afford it.  Being a small channel ad revenue doesn't really help much and to move forward we could really use some help.

What about milestones/rewards?

Check out the milestones/rewards sections to see what we have in mind, we'll be adding more as we figure out exactly what the Hell we're doing!

What if I can't afford to contribute?

Don't worry, nothing you currently get will be gated off to you, any videos we produce will be available to all (patrons may just see some a little earlier).

Anything else?

Yes, every little helps, seriously.  We hope that with your help we can make the great little community that's grown around our channel even greater.

Also, you look lovely today.

Thank you for reading!

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