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The BEST snow and weather forecasts for the mountains I cover! Currently the mountains I cover are Aspen-Snowmass in Colorado, and Bogus Basin in Boise, Idaho. There are more coming on, but I have discussions that cover other areas of the Western US, as well as the world.

I recently started covering Tahoe-Mammoth again with weather discussions, after covering the area from 1999 to 2012. As you will find, my Long Range Weather Forecast for the area is the most accurate available, anywhere and for any price. Mine is free...

My forecasts have been described as "uncannily accurate" by some experts (Ph.D's) in the weather field, and praised by many more. My Long Range Weather Forecasts have been used by millions of people who visit, and have since 1998. People from other countries have contacted me and told me how they plan their flights up to 2 weeks in advance using my free service! Predicting "sick days" since 1998! Thats me!

I believe in doing the best job I can for those who keep me going. I love weather and have since I was young! I can see and feel that knowledge of weather, true knowledge of it, involves an intuition. Some who have never opened a meteorology textbook are actually very good at sensing coming weather conditions, and may not even know how good they are. I know this because I was able to forecast weather days out and even weeks for major events, as a child in the 1970's and 80's, with just a day old satellite image (news on TV) and my intuition. Animals have this sixth sense, why not us?

I am a lover of humanity and the world around me, looking to make it pristine and peaceful through my actions, while at the same time enjoy all it has to offer. Your support in my endeavor to bring you the best forecasts possible is very much appreciated!