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About SNR & Evin Skye

Hi friends! We're brothers of Indian origin and raised in California. We create electronic music and cover songs from our favorite artists, which we turn into music videos and post on Youtube. Creating quality content takes time, and your support as a Patron directly affords us the resources to consistently make awesome stuff for you. 

Patreon gives friends and fans a way to support the ongoing projects of their favorite artists, in return for exclusive things and access into a more personal side of our world as creators. You can subscribe to pledge any amount for every new video we post (around 1-2 per month). Our videos will always be released for free on YouTube, but if you decide to become a Patron you will be the ones enabling us to continue creating and will receive some pretty cool rewards and benefits. You'll also never be charged more than you want to be (you can set a "maximum payment per month" when you sign up). 

Learn more on the Patreon FAQ:

We love our core supporters! Here are just some of the cool things you'll get (see "Rewards" section for a full breakdown)
  • "SNR & Evin Skye" tee shirt.
  • MP3/WAV downloads of our covers and original songs.
  • Early access to our music videos on Youtube before they go public.
  • Access to special "Behind The Song" audio commentaries.
  • Mastering for your tracks by SNR. 
  • Audio & MIDI stems for our covers and originals. 
  • Exclusive google hangouts
  • Production tutorials with SNR

Thanks for your continued support in our creative endeavors. We hope you'll join our inner circle of core supporters! If you have any questions or just want to say hi, drop us a line at helloATsnrmusicDOTcom

SNR & Evin Skye

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