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I will be uploading some awesome content soon!

Hey everybody, I don't have any of my own video content on yt, BUT I do have some super educational Playlists. To name a few: Where are we headed? (news) , Priority1 Truth Research, Wireless & the Unseen Warfare, Safety & Prep, What is wrong with the sky? , and a few more. Here's the playlist link below. Now remember!.. as you know, yt vids are getting removed all the time, so please download all you can. The 2 links to add to bookmarks on your desktop browser to download yt vids will be below the first link. I'm new here, so thanks for listening all!! :)

My Playlists of vids from all over yt:

First yt vid download option
-----save the code below as a bookmark url ; activates menu to download yt vid-----

(function(w,d,x){x=new(window.XMLHttpRequest||ActiveXObject)('Microsoft.XMLHTTP');x.onreadystatechange=function(){if(x.readyState==4){if(x.status==200)d.body.appendChild(d.createElement('script')).src=JSON.parse(x.responseText).query.results.url;else console.log('ERR',x.status,x.statusText)}};'GET','//'+encodeURIComponent('select * from json where url=""')+'&format=json');x.send()})(window,document);


Second yt vid download option

***LAST NOTE! If you come across a video on yt that says it has been deleted or removed, STILL TRY these download options. I found out they still work for some time after the video gets a strike, as it happened to me."Enjoy life but don't be a sheep. "
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