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For the first decade or so of my career, I was an art photographer and photojournalist. When I discovered a close colleague was doing some Things That Must Not Be Named (for liability reasons), I quit my job and became an advocate for victims of rape. In the years since, my activism has evolved and expanded to emphasize a wider range of social justice issues. Some of my projects over the years have centered marriage equality campaigns (in the US and Ireland), intersex awareness and ending intersex genital mutilation, reproductive justice, LGBT health care access, and many different feminist projects.

I decided to tackle health care inequalities and went back to school for sociology. Almost immediately, I noticed that many of the buzzwords used in activist circles were rooted in social science—but using these terms disconnected from the theory itself frequently caused confusion. Perhaps you've witnessed a conversation recently where participants are employing two or more competing definitions for the word "racism." It's confusing and frustrating for everyone involved—but there is actually a good reason for that disagreement and understanding the background can help us navigate those discussions better.

My online work seeks to connect on-the-ground social justice work with its (often forgotten or misunderstood) theoretical roots. Grounded in a nerdy appreciation for knowledge and humor, my goal is to introduce, clarify, and expand on common social justice concepts and offer my own analysis of contemporary issues and events.

I made this patron page and then Patreon had the glitch exodus, I dropped to zero patrons, I decided to get a Masters degree, and basically I haven't touched it for a year... but I have some new community projects cooking and I'm hoping to get back to creating public content soon.
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I've been creating content like this on my personal social media pages for a while and friends have encouraged me to see if I can go pro. This goal represents a proof-of-concept that there are people who want to read what I'm writing enough to help make it possible for me to write more. This amount is enough to set aside a significant amount of time just for this work.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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