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Matthew L. Kelly is a writer, economist, and musician. He is currently a graduate student in Finance at the University of Texas at Dallas, and a Research Fellow at the Colloquium or the Advancement of Free-Enterprise Education (CAFE) at the University of Texas at Dallas. Previously, Matthew worked as a policy analyst and content manager at the DeVoe L. Moore Center at Florida State University, a public policy think tank in Tallahassee, FL. His policy studies have been published by the Cato Institute and The James Madison Institute, and he has presented his work at academic and professional conferences. He has has appeared on NPR affiliate KERA of North Texas to discuss state and local regulation, and his work has appeared in USA Today, Reason Magazine, Dallas Morning News, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the Foundation for Economic Education, and the Tallahassee Democrat, among others. His work has also been the topic of articles in The Wall Street Journal and Forbes.

His improvisational music project, DJ DEEP THOUGHT, has been described as "ridiculous". DJ Deep Thought incorporates spoken word, free jazz, rock, and avant-garde in electronic and acoustic styles for an always unpredictable live experience.

Matthew's diverse work in sound and written word is tied together by a conceptual continuity: free exchange, whether of notes and ideas or goods and services, is integral to human flourishing. Supporting Matthew will allow him to perform music and write quality content on important economic and social issues of the day. Visit his website ( to see the kind of work you'll be supporting, and consider employing his human capital by commissioning him for work on specific topics.

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