Sofia Babani

is creating black and white photography, videos, prints and books
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About Sofia Babani

Hello ! My name is Sofia, I am a French photographer. Since I had a camera between my hands at 13, I never stopped. First, it was color. Then, I fell in love with black and white photography. I discovered the world through its own contrasts : emotional, human and natural ones. Daily, I get in touch with new people, always wanting to go further on the Earth and into my own bond to other human beings.

I document social, religious and wildlife subjects. I like to discover rare spiritual groups, passionate people like dancers, farmers, druids or anyone wanting to share their story and singular way of life. Sometimes, the animals and landscapes inspire me for their delicate mix of strength and vulnerability.

Photography is more than a passion, I guess I have light and ink in my blood. I am on Patreon to develop more audacious projects and share them with you : go to meet tribes, travel more, discover new persons, their beliefs, their traditions and their story, cover humanitarian situations...

I've come such a small part of my way, and I hope the rest of it to be so adventurous. I have so much to learn, so much to share. I hope you will follow me into this wonderful adventure ! 

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