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About Softkick Game Studio

Good morning/evening everyone !
1. Who are we ?

I am MorriganVH and I have created the label "Softkick Studio" to assemble my friends under a common banner. We all have professional experience in the video game industry and have produced several projects as part of Game Jam events. This has helped us hone our teamwork and we now have great cohesion together.

The team : 

- MorriganVH (Project Manager - GFX 3D - Level Design) - Axel SUZANNE
- Divi Vilanui (Lead Developer) - Benjamin ROBCIS
- StrangerYann (Community Manager - Assistant Project Manager) - Yann Roirand
- Anzu (GFX 2D - scriptwriter - illustrator) - Chloé 

2. Why opening a Patreon?

Obviously, we need a source of income to develop the game, this is not a secret (hey, those things take time to be done). Your funding will let we work full time to refine, develop the next features and improve what is already ready.
We ambition is not to recreate the video game concept but to propose we own vision of it.

We are determined and starting this project with solid foundations. Currently we are working on the project on our free time and are today on Patron to financially help us bring this project to life. Your support could help us live from working on this project and also pay for anything needed for its production. This would allow us to focus completely on the project without any interruption and to create a game and assets of high quality

3. What is "The List" ?

The game takes place in a cyberpunk environment, inspired and influenced by different cinematographic works or video games (Judge Dredd, Blade Runner, Punisher, Ghost in the Shell, Narcos, El Chapo, Deus Ex, Persona, Shin Megami Tensei).
You will incarnate Hannah James, struggling against cybernetic drugs that plague “Grey City”. She will hunt down the perpetrators to give her a piece of her own justice.
The game will use a narration alike in Persona 5. During action phases, you play in a classical 3rd Person Shooter. Of course, the focus will be on the narration, the general vibe, the sceneries and dialogue sequences.

And this patreon you possibly to acquire exclusive assets for your game and last build of "The List". I sell my 3D environnements packs in UE4 marketplace and you have the opportunity to acquire exclusive content in Softkick patreon.

4. To conclude…

To all of you who have taken the time to read this post, thank you.
We also thank all the future members for the support they will bring to the development!
Thanks everyone,
my best regards!

- MorriganVH

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