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The two dollar tier for Patreon will give you acces to the Patreon exclusive blog which will feature behind the scenes look at teh webcomic including art,, panels, made up bloopers, and non-canon side content. You will also get access to a Patreon on Discord server with a role to match the tier level.
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The four dollar tier for Patreon wil give you the same benefits as the $2 tier including access to the Patreon exclusive blog, behind the scenes look at the webcomics, non-canon side content, and access to the Patreon only Discord server. In addition to the previous tier's rewards you will also get your name featured at the end of the comics!
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The ten dollar tier is the highest available tier for Patreon and will give you access to all of the benefits of both previous tiers. This tier is for the most giving fans out there as it does not include anything above the four dollar tier. Only do this tier if you really want to help the webcomic and streams grow and my dream of creating for a living becoming a reality! Thank you! <33




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Hi! My name is Katherine, or softstrawbs. I'm a trans woman who wants to create all sorts of things! I've been building a webcomic for a while now, do art, and also do lots of streaming! I wanted to make this Patreon to provide all of the content I provide everywhere, ad-free. No one likes ads, they are manipulative and only lead to compulsary consumption. So allowing me to not bombard those who follow me with advertisements is the way I want it to be.
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The first milestone to creating something incredible! I cannot thank you enough <3
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