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My name is Odin Dawson.
I am a Creator of worlds, Artist, Illustrator, Designer, Character Artist, 3D Artist and Parent.

I never expected to be the person I am now. Especially when I was a young man. I like everyone else wanted to grow up to be a super hero. It took a while but I have finally made my mark! I feel super!

Creating Comic and Manga Art.
Instagram Art Profile

Creating useful You tube videos for all my friends in the Heroes Reborn Super Group on Excelsior server.

How to and exploration videos help document Paragon City before it is gone again.

Fully Illustrated Novel:
Ninja or Pirate Versus the Sky Pirates

Illustrated Children's books:
Gnome Hole

Shane Sails South

For Commissions please use the link below:

Samples of my works:

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