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About solarseptum

'' Micah had the good life until he started getting these weird dreams about the Gods. Together with his friends Aerin, Petros and Circe he is on a quest to uncover the truth behind those dreams but are they ready to know what’s really going on in the realm of their Gods? ''

Hi my name is Kim, a 24 year old illustration and animation student from The Netherlands. 
For the past 6 years I've been working on my webcomic called The Elysian Chronicles and this year I started publishing it on tapas and webtoons.
Which you can read here or here

I opened a patreon because I could use the support! For now there's only 1 tier available but I'm hoping to expand the tiers in the future!  
$3 of $30 per month
30 bucks means that there are at least 10 patreons!
Reason enough for me to look at adding more tiers >:)
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