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Hey! I'm SolgaleoGaming! If you've not come from my videos (Which you probably have), I'm a Youtuber who uploads Vlogs, Gaming, and Comedy in general! However, I'm quite small at 700 subscribers, and that's for a good reason. I don't have a capture card to record gameplay! I don't have a good laptop that I can record my gaming footage to! And most importantly, I need a bit of cash for a good camera! So that's why I'm asking you for help! If you're kind enough to donate, even if it's a single buck, it'll help me out tons, because if all 700 of my subscribers simply donated a single dolllar, pound, euro, whatever you use, that'll be enough to buy a capture card and laptop, so I can record switch games! If each of those subscribers donate just an extra buck, that'll be enough to get me a ps4/xbox and a few good games to upload footage of! I'll also give shoutouts to people who donate, and if you donate simply 2 bucks I'll show you an upcoming video that could be days away from uploading! I think that everybody has the potential to create great content, whether it be videos, art, or something else, Including me! So if you can just spare a single pound/dollar/euro, that'll mean the world to me. It really would. If you donate, then I'll give you a shoutout on my channel. If you've not seen my videos, then make sure you check them out. But anyway, that's the end of my little ramble. In short, It'd mean the world to me if you donate even a buck, and I wouldn't be able to thank you enough.  
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With $170 I'll be able to buy an elgato capture card, meaning I'll have be able to do console gaming on my channel!

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