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Welcome to the So:Loved Team! 
We seriously couldn't do this without you. You are an answer to our prayers.

Patreon has made it possible for artists like us to continue on even though the expense of releasing quality art/content is extremely high. With Patreon, you decide which level you can pledge and you instantly join our So:Loved Patron community, where we will be releasing behind the scenes videos, writer rounds, and special devotionals just for you, our amazing Patrons who make it possible for us to continue creating. Every dollar goes towards our ministry of creating inspiring content to spread a message of hope and love. It's a safe and effective way to give. No obligations, and you can cancel at anytime. Every little bit helps! Even if you just pledge a dollar a month - it makes a huge difference in what we can do! 

Music. Videos. Devotionals.
These days it seems it is hard to find any good news to spread. That is a big part of why we do what we do. We are songwriters, musicians, actors, and authors that want to glorify God in the arts. Ephesians 5:19 says that music speaks, so we create music, videos, and devotionals that inspire and spread the message that you are SO:LOVED! 

Every dollar goes towards our ministry of creating inspiring content, and the upkeep it takes to spread it around the world. Our plans for 2018 are BIG and we can't do it without you! 
1. To film and release some of these amazing music video and devotional scripts we have been writing.
2. To make more albums! We have a ton of new music we can't wait to share with you! As well as a Christmas album, and our favorite hymns.
3. To build our So:Loved community. This is where we can all make a huge difference together, connecting to each other no matter where in the world we are.

With your help we can create something amazing that will spread the love of God all around. 

Thank you a million times from us! We are so excited to be on this journey with you! 

Jenny Slate Lee and Travis Birch -
the creators and dreamers behind the So:Loved Experience.

Visit us here:  WEBSITE
Or email us with any questions or prayer requests:
[email protected]
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At 1,000 a month we will be able to cover the cost of production and marketing which will allow us to release more inspiring singles with music videos every year. Using music for uplifting people and spreading God's amazing message of love.
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