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Hello and welcome to our Patreon page!

My name is Null, and I'm a solo game developer.

I'm of the belief that game development learning resources are insufficient. There are a million and one tutorials on how to make Pong, Arkanoid, endless runners, and various other simplistic games. But there are few tutorials that help you develop past that point. There are tutorials that cover the absolute basics, and there's technical documentation available to help the experts who already know what they're doing, but there isn't much in between. I'd like to help people bridge that gap.

If you make a pledge to support me, I'll use those funds to make practical learning resources that cover everything a person needs to make a video game. Not only will I cover more advanced topics like how to set up skill trees or a level editor, but I'll also cover some of the skills that are largely ignored such as how to design a level, how to make custom fonts or how to edit together a good trailer.

Thank you!

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$5 a month will cover all the hosting fees for the Sol Seekers website. In other words, there will never be a time when I have to stop paying the bills on the website to save money. So you can be confident my content will never vanish silently into the void.
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