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About Some Precious

Some Precious is a personal project by me (Hugo Pilate). The publications created under Some Precious are editorial experiments (mostly zines for now) that aim to create something that is both very valuable to its beholder and incredibly insignificant. This means learning to be vulnerable, experimenting with editorial and narrative styles and favoring modest means of production.

Each publication will be created in very limited editions but can be reproduced indefinitely (I have kept originals of each so I can keep making copies if need be).

Your support allows me to keep making these and hopefully try new, fun experiments.

Here are the available publications so far, you can order them using this Google Form:

Immediate Intimacy | 2019
An account of using doodles as a means of summoning supportive creatures in uncomfortable settings.
Stapled signature, 10pgs.

Limited Linguistics | 2018
Notes on overcoming language barriers through sketching during a four month research trip in and out of Dholpur, Rajasthan.
Stapled signature, 30pgs.

Pedestrian Platitudes | 2017 (p.2)

Notes collected during the first few weeks of my recovery following the hospitalization.
French fold, 5pgs.

Pedestrian Pneumatics | 2017 (p.1)

Notes collected during my stay in the hospital following an infected bug bite on the ankle.
French fold, 5pgs.